A Taste of Island Life

A Taste of Island Life

We invite you to explore our island home!

Much of the charm of Racha Yai is that little has changed
through the years. Our little island is home to local islanders.

Water buffalos are still used to work the land and can
often be seen around mud holes.
Many parts of the island are covered in dense jungle.

In the center of Racha Yai, you’ll find coconut plantations.

The island has a small network of dirt paths that link all the beaches.
Walking around the island’s pathways, you will be treated
to views of tranquil coconut groves
and the occasional water buffalo grazing nearby.

A great way to explore Racha Yai is by hiking, mountain biking or by
ATV. Trekking the whole island takes no more than half a day.

For sweeping views of the island, head to the hilltop left of Batok Bay.
It will take you 30-45 minutes to reach the top.
Please plan your route with the Water Sports Center staff
before you start out.

Great sunset views can be viewed from
the right side of Batok Bay, an easy walk from The Racha.

The Racha is proud to be a leader in eco-responsible tourism.

A short walk along the perimeter of the resort grounds
will take you to our back of the house where you will find
the following environmental initiatives

Bio-gas and Charcoal station • Waste water treatment system
Laundry treatment system • Hydroponic farm
Solar-diesel hybrid station • reservoirs and more