Here’s how to soak up truly unforgettable island experiences!

Complimentary Services

Ozonated Main (adult only), Garden and Club Del Mar Pools with
underwater music and hydro jets.

Snorkeling at Batok Bay, fronting The Racha. The best snorkeling
on the island is at Ter Bay. A short walk across the island you’ll
discover Lah Bay and Kon Kare Bay, where often, you will have the
beach to yourself!

Hit the beaches. Ko Racha Yai has many idyllic beaches
and romantic bays with crystal clear water.

With Charge

Sunset cruise
Full-day/Half-day fishing trips
Guided snorkeling around Racha Yai
Boat trips to
James Bond Island • Phi Phi Island • Khai Island
Krabi Four Beaches • Racha Noi Island

Racha Yai Snorkel Sites

Batok Bay. Fronting The Racha, this beach has
powder-soft, white sand.
Ter Bay. In the east of the island, you’ll find Ter Bay, a favorite site
for snorkelers and divers. Beach entrance to Ter Bay is rocky.
Underwater however, a plethora of marine life awaits.
Lah Bay. Located on the north east coast of the island. For divers, this
is an excellent place to find sea turtles.
Kon Kare Bay. This little bay is located directly in front of the Baan
Raya Resort on the south east coast. There isn’t a proper beach
(more a rocky shore) but snorkeling can be good here.
Siam Bay. The largest bay on the island is situated in the north with a
long white sandy beach.